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Name: Jennifer Ashley
Age: 19
From: Richmond, Virginia

TheStory: Sometimes the girls that happen to fall into our lap have stories that never cease to amaze me. Such is the case with 19-year-old Jennifer from Virginia. About six years ago, her aunt, while visiting California, set up a private sex party which Tony attended and which was videotaped by her husband. Jennifer happens to live with her aunt and found the tape while snooping in her aunts bedroom. Since it was Jennifer’s first time watching a sex tape, it left and indelible mark in her memory; she always wondered who the guy doing her aunt was.Then last year, her aunt left her email account open and Jennifer searched her aunt’s old emails from around 6 years ago and found the email to Tony which was sent to set up the party.

Since Jennifer used the mental images of that sex party to masturbate many times in the past, she wondered what it would be like to actually live out those images in real life. She emailed Tony, not thinking he would respond since it was so long ago. Tony did respond and let Jennifer know that if she ever made it out to California, that he would be glad to give her the same treatment but that it would not be a private tape; he would put it on the site. Jennifer said she wouldn’t mind since her aunt isn’t that internet savvy to find it.

Well that was last year and Jennifer finally made it out to California this holiday season. Jennifer showed up to Tony’s place in a sexy outfit that was out of season; I guess she was trying to really impress Tony. She was really surprise to find out that Tony now has an assistant and since she was on a trip of sexual exploration, she decided that anything would go. Tony fucked Jennifer in various positions, all the while his assistant made sure to spread Jennifer’s legs and pussy wide open for the whole world to see. In the end, with his assistant holding Jennifer’s legs open, Tony shot his seed into Jennifer’s waiting pussy. Originally, Jennifer said that she had hoped to get the same action as her aunt, but she was more than happy that she got her first threesome and creampie which her aunt didn’t get, on video.

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