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Name: Jen
Age: 24
From: San Diego

The Story:

I met Jen few months ago when I was getting girls for my girls climaxing website. She is mainstream model and she had some nudes on her profiles, so I sent her a note telling her about my orgasm site and how it would be great if she could be on it. And I wasn't sure if she was going to reply, but she did and was very inquisitive about it. And once I got her on the phone, she was really personable and sounded fun. So we hit it off and I invited her over to LA so we could do this video shoot for that site.

Once in LA, I went to pick her up at the Union station and we went to my place. We talked and talked about a lot of stuff, and she was just a really cool likable girl. And by the time we got to the pictures and the videos, I had the feeling that we were going to end up fucking. But still, I didn't push it and I had her do the solo masturbation video for me. And while she was getting off, I was out side the room thinking about what I should say to her after she was done so I could take her out to eat and then bring her back, to the movies, or something else so I could do her. But right after the video was over, she called me in the room and she told me she needed "help" to get off. So we just went at it. The whole thing was unplanned and it was really hot. In fact, one of the reasons I started the solo girl site was to do stuff like this so I was delighted when I was "helping" her get off by licking her wet pussy.

After going down on her for a while, we started to fuck. And we fucked the entire afternoon until it was time to drive her back to the Union station so she could catch the train back to San Diego. And I really enjoyed fucking her and I wish I could do her again, but I haven't talked much to her since. I think in a way, she regretted doing the sex part on camera but that day was perfect and we both had a great time.



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