On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: JC Simpson
Age: 18
From: New Hampshire

TheStory: Josie Simpson is back…and so is Addison Heart…together! So how did this happen? Tony says that after he creampied Addison Heart, she kept in touch to find out when her video would be posted. After viewing her video, Addison kept on looking at the other girls on the site and soon realized that watching other girls creampied by Tony was a real turn on for her. When she told Tony that Josie Simpson’s scene was her favorite, Tony replied that Josie would be coming back for more and asked Addison if she would like to “help.” Addison was so thrilled with the idea, that she flew back to LA just to be Tony’s assistant.

When Josie showed up to play with Tony, he introduced Addison as his new assistant and that she would be helping. Josie smiled and glanced a very flirtatious smile at both Addison and Tony and said that it would be fun. Tony says that, at that point, he knew that all 3 of them would end up having sex before the night was over. Anyways, Tony took a few dozen pictures of Josie’s new look, short hair and glass, and Addison helped strip off Josie’s clothes.
Soon Tony was in between Josie’s legs, giving her a reminder of what they had done last time. Of course, Addison soon jumped in and both Tony and Addison began having sex with Josie. Josie liked the idea of being the center of attention and later said that it was one of the best sexual encounters she has ever had. Eventually after about an hour and half, Tony shot his load into Josie’s teen pussy with Addison helping him deliver the creampie. When Tony said it was time to clean up, Addison, being the good assistant she is, preceded to lick Tony’s cum off Josie’s pussy.

Addison was so happy having helped Tony deliver his seed into Josie’s pussy that she has asked us if she can do it on a regular basis and will move to LA if we agree. What do you think, does Tony need an assistant?


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