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Name: JC Simpson
Age: 18
From: New Hampshire

TheStory: JC Simpson is an 18 year-old from New Hampshire who sent to us because she has taken an interested in adult modeling. Looking back, I think this is the first girl on this site that comes from that small state. This tall, at 5’ 10”, former runway model told Tony that her mom put her into modeling for misses fashions at the age of 13 because she was tall and slender from a young age. Now she is ready to try something more because the local runway modeling has hit a dead end. I guess doing it locally while being young is easier than being a pro at it. Anyways, from the pictures and video, I can tell this girl has a very natural, tight, fit body. Tony tells me that when he asked her if she works out, she replied that she never diets and never works out and that the only thing she does is tan. I think we should clone girls like this or since we can’t do that yet, make sure to get them pregnant.

When JC showed up at Tony’s, she was already at ease and comfortable because of her past modeling experience. She told Tony that modeling came natural to her because she has always liked showing off and that doing this was no big step for her because she as always like being naked. Tony then had her strip down to her panties and then asked if she would be interested in going farther, she said yes since she liked to have fun and she didn’t have a BF at the moment. With that Tony peeled off her panties to reveal a “near flawless, cute, round, firm, tight ass” as he stated. I can tell he really liked her ass, he used 5 words to describe it!

After admiring that tight body, Tony had JC sit on the couch so that he could taste that teen pussy. JC returned the oral sex and got Tony nice and ready so that he could penetrate her. From the looks of things, JC’s favorite position is cowgirl because you can see her orgasming several times while riding Tony; you can tell by looking at the way her ass starts shaking or twitching. Tony fucked JC for a good 2 hours, he told me he had to turn off the camera several times to avoid running out of tape but in the end, he was able to save enough to record him pumping his seed into her young, tight pussy.

On a side note, several days later, Tony heard from another model who knows JC, that JC is NOT on birth control and he is now excited!


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