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Name: Jasmine  Age: 22

Location: Los Angeles

The Story: Jasmine is an Hawaiian girl  I've known for quite sometime. I got together with her around this time last year but we never got together for my site. She had an overly possessive boyfriend and at times he was very problematic so we didn't get together again for a long while. And now she is still together with the same guy but she has decided to basically do whatever she wants so we got together again recently.

This particular time I told Jasmine that I wanted to get everything on video and she agreed but I had to go meet her in a city very far from where I am. I remember that day it took me like 3-4 hours to get to her because of the traffic and the weather. The plan was to get a hotel room and fuck around for few hours but since I got there so late we only had couple of hours before her boyfriend got back home. I think it turns her on to go behind her boyfriend's back, she even called him while we were in the middle of fucking to tell him she was out with friends and that she would be home soon.. she called him while she was sucking my cock.

So we fucked for a while but not as long as we had wanted but at least we got together after a long while and now whenever she is horny she calls me up to go fuck her. And I just hope her boyfriend doesn't get on the net as he will be very pissed off to not only see her on sites (she has done porn too) but reading about it too and seeing her getting cum inside of her and then going back home to him.



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