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Name: Jayden Pierson
Age: 19
From: Florida

The Story:Jayden is a beautiful girl from Florida that came to visit California recently. She reminds me a lot of Sharon Stone when she was young and trust me when I say that it was very hard for me to not do her myself. I was practicing self control and I asked my friend to interview her and do her instead. And he said she was awesome, he said he made her cum several times and that she liked her asshole licked which just makes it more painful for me since I would love to tongue her ass :)

Anyway, they did this video at my place and they fucked for hours. Tony told me he fucked her on and off camera and that she truly just loves to fuck. He came with her like three times. After hearing that I tried to hook up with her at a club in Hollywood but she had to leave to go back to Florida. So I am hoping maybe I will get to do her myself one of these days. I'd love to knock her up.


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