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Name: Jassie
Age: 24
From: San Diego, CA

The Story: Jassie is probably someone you have seen before somewhere else. She has been doing adult modeling and movies for years. I actually first met her almost 7 years ago when she had just turned 18 in Las Vegas. I met her at one of my first adult entertainment conventions there and she was signing for a studio there. I even have pictures of me and her somewhere in my room taken back then, but I couldn't find them. And I remember wondering how I could fuck her since I didn't even have a site back then. Actually, I was already doing some girls who were models then because one of my friends would put me in his movies but I wasn't even thinking of doing anything myself at that time.

Anyway, few months ago I was surfing the net for models to email and I came across her site, so I sent her a note with a picture we had taken together back when I first met her and we started to talk. She had moved to San Diego from Las Vegas and had basically made a career out of the modeling thing and she was concentrating on getting her site going and stuff. And since that is my area of expertise, I offered help and to trade content. So she agreed to meet me when she was in LA.

After a few weeks, she came up to where I live and we ended up shooting this video. And in a way it was odd to fuck her since she was a "celebrity" to me back then. It's once of those things that made me wonder where life will take me in the next few years, one never knows the girls one will run across and I guess that's what makes life so interesting.. and while I was having these philosophical thoughts, I was enjoying fucking Jassie's tight pussy and giving her all of my cum :)


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