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Name: Jasmine Lynn (08/01/07)
Age: 21
From: East Coast

The Story: Jazmine is a girl I met online couple of months ago when I was in the East Coast. I started chatting with her right before taking a trip to New York and she sent me some really hot pictures. So I made plans to go see here when I was out there.

And we ended up meeting the first day I got there and I didn't get as much time as I would have liked with Jazmine. But nonetheless we made it happen and we met at the at a bar not far from where she worked. She told me she wanted to model as a hobby and that she was excited about being on a site like mine. So I took her back to my hotel room and I showed her more of the site, play some movies for her and what not and after a while of showing this to her. I started taking pictures of Jazmine and then the video.

I started by first going down on her and tasting her sweet pussy. She couldn't help being nervous because of the camera but I think she started to relax a bit more as I worked on her pussy. I then had her suck my cock to make it hard for her and then I just started to fuck her. At first she was really hessitant about the condom thing but after a while everything was ok and she let me feel her deep inside her with my cock. I fucked her for a good while until her phone started ringing since she was supposed go meet a friend, so I fucked her faster and faster until I couldn't hold it anymore and ended up coming deep inside her pink pussy.

She told me this was more like a one time thing but that she would probably do it again if I was in the East Coast, so maybe I'll get a chance again some day.


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