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Name: Izibella
Age: 20
From: Florida

The Story: As some of you may recall, Izybella first appeared on the site a few months back. Well since then, Izybella’s modeling career has begun to take off and last week she called Tony to let him know that she would be in town and that she wanted him to take her out dancing to a club when she was here. When Saturday night rolled around, Tony picked up Izybella at her hotel room and brought her back to his place for a few drinks and to show her the results of the first shoot she did, before heading out to the club. Tony took a few pictures before leaving to the club but didn’t take the camera into the club to take pictures because he didn’t want to break it or lose it, so he left it in the car. I pointed out that he could have used his cell phone to take pictures inside the club but I guess that night his mind was distracted by Izybella and the hot dress she was wearing.

Tony tells me that after the club, he took a few pictures of Izybella fooling around in his car before driving her back to his place where they began fooling around. He started taking pictures and video of them having sex in his bedroom and since it was an impromptu sort of thing, some of the lighting is odd but on the plus side, Izybella didn’t mind the camera. From the tape it looks like Izybella and Tony fucked for a good hour before Tony pumped his cum into her waiting pussy. It seems that after dancing half the night and getting fucked for an hour, Izybella was ready for a quick shower and some sleep.


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