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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Ivy Ryder
Age: 21
From: Wisconsin

TheStory: Just a short while ago, Tony had that girl that he has a “daddy/daughter” role playing thing going with, Ivy, fly down from Wisconsin during her Christmas break from college. Well, it turns out, she flew down again to spend a few days with him during her spring break. Tony told me that Ivy turned down a trip to Cancun with her friends, and instead came to L.A. to spend time with her “fun daddy”. She told Tony that she refers to him in her conversations with her friends, as her “fun daddy” as opposed to her real dad and that she kick because all her friends assume she is referring to a fun step-dad . I wonder what her friends will think if they ever find out what she and Tony are doing because I think they will still think he is her step dad instead of knowing that its just a “daddy/daughter” role-playing fling.

Anyways, when Tony told me that Ivy was staying with him for a few days, I asked him if he could get another video of her “making daddy happy” as she puts it. He waited until the last day she was there just in case she didn’t want to and so it wouldn’t ruin the rest of the stay. Tony tells me that when he came out of the shower, Ivy had put on his dress shirt and was waiting for him on the couch, “ready for daddy” with her cute panties and matching bra underneath. She didn’t seem to mind Tony videotaping it or taking pictures so we get to see Ivy pleasing her “fun daddy” again.

Ivy “pleased her daddy” until it was getting close to time to take her to the airport to catch her flight back to Wisconsin. Tony made sure to give his “daughter” a nice warm going-away present deep in her teen pussy. Ivy wasn’t too happy about having to leave her “daddy” and even had the thought that if she gets pregnant, she could come live with “daddy” forever. Tony is now worried that she may try to get pregnant on purpose just to do that so he’s not sure if he will be seeing her again.


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