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Name: Isabella Pacino (07/11/07)
Age: 22
From: San Diego California

The Story: I met Isabella on the internet earlier this year on one of my scouting campaigns for hot girls on the net. I found her profile on one of the popular social networking sites and I sent her a nice note. I wasn't sure if she would reply since she gets tons of emails from horndogs all the time, but she did because she saw I was legitimate plus I wrote a well written email (one thing that annoys women is what most guys can not go past one sentence in their emails). I told her she was very beautiful and that it would be great to have her on this site or any of my other sites and what I could do for her as far as promotion, etc. And within a day of sending her the email, I had her on the phone.

Since she is from San Diego, it wasn't that easy to meet her. But we eventually got together on a weekend for drinks in Orange county which is half way between LA and SD. She turned put to be really cool and she actually has the same major in college as I do and she wanted to do some videos as a way to get thru school, she wasn't all that concerned about being found out, and she said she enjoys the attention she gets from men and women. And after talking to her like 3 hours that night, I ended up fucking her at a hotel next to the bar where we met up.

A few weeks later, she came up to LA to stay the weekend and this is when we made this video. She came with a fresh tan and she was all made up and ready for the video.I took some pictures of her first and then I started fucking her, she had a nice tight pussy and a beautiful smile when sucking cock and I gave her several cumshots that day.


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