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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Hydii May
Age: 18
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Things have slowed down for a Tony recently and he had to range out farther looking for new girls. He found Hydii May, a sweet 19 year old country girl who thought he was joking when he asked her if she would do some modeling in Los Angeles. When Tony mentioned that it would be nude she said she would be fine with it so long as there wasn’t any other girl there. I guess this is one of those girls that is 100% straight. Anyways, Hydii didn’t want to say on camera where she is from probably because she is from a very small town and word would get around really fast.

When Hydii showed up to Tony’s place, she was wearing a jean skirt and a thin, almost see-through top; Tony noticed that Hydii had a nice full set of natural breasts. He asked what size her mounds where and Hydii said she didn’t know because she does wear bras; she must like going as natural as possible. Tony had her strip out of the little clothes she was wearing while snapping away about 500+ photos and then had her do it all over again when he had the video camera going. Since she had already been naked in from of him for about an hour, Tony took a chance and started feeling her up when she was naked the second time. She was very receptive to Tony’s advances and soon Tony was between her legs.

Hydii was amazed at how well Tony worked his tongue on her button; said that boys her age don’t know what they are doing and it was amazing that it could feel so good. Hydii then got on her knees and took Tony in her sweet mouth before having him slide deep inside her. Since Hydii seems to be into the whole nature/natural scene, Tony didn’t bother to ask about wearing a condom and slid bareback into her sweetness. They fucked for about an hour or so before Tony shot his load into her fertile pussy. Tony later found out that she is NOT on any type of birth-control so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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