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Name: Helena Age: 20

The Story: Helena is a former runway model who started doing adult modeling just recently. Her boyfriend knew about my website and when he found out I was in town, he asked me about modeling for the site, so I agreed to meet them.

The boyfriend actually wanted to join in but I told him, I would be happier if I had her to myself so he waited anxiously nearby while I fucked her. Apparently, he really gets off on sharing his girl, in his AFF ad he actually brags about which site she is on or what Rocco movie she is in.. I guess everyone has their thing.

It was very cold outside and Helena came with a long overcoat but underneath that, she had this fishnet thing all over her. I'm not really a stocking/fishnet fetishist but I could see why some people think that is really hot.. it turned me on a lot when I saw her bent over with that fishnet all over her all.

I took a few pictures first of her getting naked and then I started to fuck her. Her pussy was nice and wet  and I fucked her for a good 40-50 minutes until I came all over her. She then called her boyfriend to let him know what she had just done and he came by quick to pick her up to take her back to their place.. I am sure he fucked this shit out of her right after... this btw reminds me of a Korean couple I knew couple of years ago. He would be on the phone listening to me fuck his girlfriend from another state for longs periods of time..



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