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Name: Hailey Jade
Age: 20
From: California

The Story: Hailey is a beautiful girl from the Inland Empire (Southern California) that I met thru a friend who had shown me some pictures of her modeling. From the minute I saw her, I wanted to fuck her bad so I convinced my friend to put me in touch with her and I made the it happen.

The original plan was for her to come to LA and visit me along with a girlfriend of hers who wanted to try out being a threesome, but she got cold feet at the last minute because she had only been with one guy her entire life, which is understandable. But it worked out anyway since Hailey came by and I got to meet her and fuck her too. Hailey has a beautiful body and one tight pink pussy.

I did my usual talk and stuff about the site. She (like many, many other girls) wanted to have a website too and that led into taking some pictures of her naked. And from there it evolved into the video we shot. She was somewhat concerned  about how I enjoy cumming inside and stuff, but after talking to her more, she felt a lot better about it. Anyway, we fucked after the pictures and I enjoyed that beautiful pussy of hers a lot. I also enjoyed how she looks up when sucking cock with that pretty face, I almost came on her actually but as the professional fucker that I am, I held it until it was the right time to fill Hailey with a nice hot load of cum.


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