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Name:Hailey and Jen
Age: 18 and 19
From: Cincinati, Ohio

The Story: This is my official first threesome on camera ever. After 8-9 years of doing videos, I finally got around to doing a threesome. And the reason is because my first threesome experience was a bit "traumatic", and I say traumatic because I was so damn excited I couldn't perform if that makes any sense. I eventually got around to doing both girls but I couldn't really enjoy myself since I was so worried about pleasing them both. And because of that, I always avoided doing this on camera since having a camera would only divert my attention in three different ways. But I did good and in the end we all have fun.

Hailey and Jen are best friends and roomates. Jen originally contacted me about doing some modeling on her own. But when I talked to her she insisted her best friend come with her since she was coming from Ohio, some I told her it was ok to bring her friend for "moral support". And once they got here, they both wanted to do it so I could not say no to two girls who wanted my cum inside them..lol.

At first I have to admit it as awkward. I like getting a girl off, so when they are two of them it demands more from me. Also, since they are friends and roommates they were not all that used to at doing each other. They had done each other before but only couple of times. But as we started getting into it, they got relaxed and started to enjoy themselves and in the end I was alternating between their hot pussies while they made out with each other. And since I couldn't just give a creampie to just one, I made deposits in both of them as I am a generous type of man..ha ha.


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