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Name: Ginger
Age: 20
From: St Paul, Minnesota

The Story: Ginger is 20 year old, fiery redhead from Minnesota who contacted us about doing nude modeling back in the beginning of the summer. She wrote to us and said she was interested in getting into either modeling or acting so she can move away from the cold winters in Minnesota when she finishes college. Ginger wasn’t sure if she wanted to do anything beyond that, but we set up an interview and photo shoot anyway when she finally flew out to California before starting her 3rd year of college.

Tony started with the photo shoot as this is usually a little easier on new girls who are naturally nervous; you can see some of Ginger’s nervousness come out in some of the still photos. During the photo shoot, Ginger admitted that one of the reasons she wasn’t sure about doing more than just nude modeling, was due to the fact that she is very sexually in-experienced; although she has given half a dozen guys blowjobs, she has only gone all the way with the two boyfriends she as had. With this information, Tony knew that he would have to start slow and be gentle with her. As Ginger slowly stripped off her clothes, Tony discovered that Ginger has a little patch of red hair over her pussy thus making her a true “fire-crotch”.

After finishing the photo shoot, Tony began the video interview and had Ginger strip again and this time she was more comfortable and willing to let Tony touch her. Tony then had her sit down to eat her pussy, knowing that it’s a sure fire way to get a girl to go all the way. Sure enough, it worked, like always. Tony fucked Ginger for a good hour or so before planting his seed in her. I noticed in the video, that Tony didn’t ask if Ginger if she was on birth-control or not and it seems Ginger didn’t mind taking his sperm inside her so I hope there are no “issues” later on.


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