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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Gia Lee
Age: 21
From: Westminster, CA

TheStory: About a month ago, after having no luck with the girls on a Saturday night, Tony decided to just go to a bar and blur the night away so it wouldn’t seem so bad. The bar tender was a young 23 year-old Asian girl from Orange County named Gia Lee. She must have known why Tony was sitting at the bar by himself so she kept serving Tony until he was telling her about what he does and about the website. At first she thought it was just talk but then Tony showed her the website on his cell phone and then she knew he was telling the truth. Before he left, Tony told her that he thought she should be on it if she had the ourage.

Gia eventually contacted Tony and agreed to be on the website on the condition that it wouldn’t be up forever since she wants to settle down one day. They set it up for a Saturday afternoon before Gia would head off to work. After taking some still photographs, Tony got the video camera going and again had Gia show off her natural 36C titts and her very smooth hairless pussy to the camera. To start off on the right foot, Tony dove between her legs and used his tongue on her clit to get her wet and slippery. I didn’t hear Tony mention using condoms on the tape so maybe he asked before they started… or maybe he didn’t ask at all, but either way, Tony slid bareback into Gia pussy after she had used her mouth to get him as hard as possible.

From the tape, it looks like Tony fucked Gia for about an hour before letting go and shooting his seed deep into her belly. Again, I didn’t hear any mention of it so who knows if they talked about her getting his seed in her, but again, that’s what happened. She didn’t seemed to concerned so maybe that’s a good sign or maybe she’s not too concerned because she wants to get knocked up. You can never be to sure nowadays.

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