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Name: Francesca
Age: 20
From: California but born in Italy

The Story:

This is the second time I had Francesca on video getting her pussy filled up with cum. I had been fucking her occasionally  but off camera and finally I got around to doing another video. She is such beautiful girl and she simply loves to fuck, in fact is kinda hard not to fuck her since she is so horny all the time.

This time she came by my place with a girlfriend that was visiting from out of town. I wasn't sure what her plans were but as soon as she walked in, we were over each other and her friend was just sort of looking. I thought for a minute she was supposed to join the action but it turned out she was a friend whom she was playing with as well and she only did girls. I think her plan was to actually get her to join in but I guess didn't work. But in a way I could see she was turned on by doing this in front of her. At one point, I just took her to my bedroom and started to fuck her while her friend was uncomfortably sitting outside. I don't remember how long I fucked her for but it was for a while and I had not even set up my video camera yet. But then, her friend decided to leave to do something else while we were fucking around and I started the video then. Strange story but true.

Anyway, I got her dressed up again so I could take the pics and what not and then we ended up fucking again. I was actually kinda tired already when we started the video but still I got to fuck her for a long time to make sure she had enough cock. I really enjoy fucking Francesca and is too bad her friend did not loosen up so we could have had a threesome.. oh well.


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