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Name: Farrah
Age: 22
From: Chicago IL

TheStory: Last month, Tony hooked up with that college senior, Farrah Rae who wanted to do something crazy before she graduated college. Well they have kept in touch and last week, after a extremely stressful set of mid-term exams, Farrah needed something to de-stress. The poor girl had even had a minor rash from all the stress. Anyways, she figured that after some good sex and a warm, gooey creampie, she would feel better. As a side note, Tony showed me an article were scientists have found that women who receive creampies are generally happier than women who don’t; there is some type of chemical found in cum that gets absorbed into the female body.

Anyways, Farrah was a good sport and let Tony use his cameras as they started to play in his bedroom. But right before things got going, Farrah had some news to tell Tony. Turns out that Becky, the girl Farrah sent to Tony a few weeks ago, did not go to the pharmacy the day after Tony creampied her and that she has missed her period. Tony took the news in stride as he is used to getting such news and didn’t seemed too concerned and continued to play with Farrah.

Farrah got on her knees first to start things off and after stripping out of her clothes, Tony dived in between her legs. After making sure that she was nice and wet, Tony slid inside Farrah’s sweet pussy and began to pound away. Farrah and Tony went at it for a while but I think that the thought of having knocked up another girl, made Tony too excited to make it last a longer time and he blew his load deep inside Farrah before she was able to orgasm. It happens.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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