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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Erin Stone
Age: 19
From: De Moines, Iowa

TheStory: About a month ago, Tony did a photo shoot with a Erin Stone, a fresh off the bus 19 year old from Iowa who came to Los Angeles to give it a shot at making it big. After seeing some of her pictures and video on the site, other people involved in the modeling industry contacted me to get in touch with Erin because they wanted to have her on their projects. Turns out Erin is making a name for herself and she called Tony and told him that she felt she owed him a huge debt of gratitude. She knew exactly the perfect way to repay him for helping her with her dream of modeling.

When Erin called Tony to come over to his place, she made sure that he didn’t have photoshoots going on that evening because she wanted to make that there wouldn’t be any other distractions. She wasted no time in getting to the point of thanking Tony they way she knew he would liked to be thanked; natural style sex. Tony’s favorite style. Anyways, when Erin and Tony went at it, Erin was able to climax many more times that the first time because she was more comfortable with Tony that she was the first time. In fact she was able to totally relax which allowed her to squirt while climaxing. Looking at the video, I saw that she soaked Tony’s bed.

Unlike last time, Erin was also able to loosen up a bit more and with the added comfort, she was able to have sex twice as long as she did the first time with Tony. In the end though, they finished up the same way they finished the first night they met, with Tony unloading his seed inside her teen pussy.


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