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Name: Erin Stone
Age: 19
From: De Moines, Iowa

TheStory:Recently Tony has been getting lucky with the friends of girls that he has satisfied in the past. I would have to agree with him that a sure way to have sex with a girl, is if she has heard from a trusted friend that the sex is great and the guy is clean, she is way more likely to get in on. And it doesn't hurt that girls like to gossip and share intimate details with the close friends. Tony has learned to always please a girl first because it will always lead to more pussy and that brings us to Erin.

Erin, a fresh 19 year-old from Iowa, is a friend of a girl who appeared on the site a while ago who has gone on to make it big in the adult modeling world. Not wanting to ride her coattails, Erin doesn't want us to mention the name but she does want to follow in her footsteps and appear on the site just as her friend did. Of course, after seeing some of the pictures she emailed us showing off her tight teen body, we were more than happy to have her appear. I set things up and let Tony know what night she would be coming over.

Erin showed up wearing a cute skirt and top and no bra; she wanted to make it as easy as possible to get naked and into the sex. After taking a few dozen pictures, Tony got the video rolling and was soon doing his usually trick to make sure Erin came first. Sure enough, Tony got her to cum while giving her oral sex in under four minutes; that is one thing for sure, do great oral and the girls will always come back. Anyways, after that, she was willing to go all the way and bareback too. Tony was only able to fuck Erin for around 40 minutes and after that poor Erin started getting sore; I guess she is not used to having guys pound away for that long. Not wanting to be left frustrated, Tony built up the momentum and shot his load deep into her teen pussy.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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