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Name: Emma Rae
Age: 18
From: Raleigh, North Carolina

TheStory: Emma Mae is an 18 year-old, hipster girl from North Carolina who came out to LA to do a photo shoot for a clothing company that is located here. She sent me an email from the photo shoot asking if she could do a photo shoot for the site the same day she contacted us, since the photo shoot she did in the day time turned out to be slow and boring. She had thought that the photo shoots would be wild and hoped that she would get to have sex with at least someone at the modeling shoot, but it turned out it was too professional and nothing happened. I forwarded the email to Tony so he could make it happen.

Tony later told me that the company had flown Emma Mae to LA the afternoon before the shoot and that they would be flying her back the morning after her shoot so he had to shoot her that night. She hadn’t packed much, but they let her keep some of the clothing she had modeled and that is what she showed up in when she got to Tony’s that night. Tony told Emma to get comfortable while he got the camera and lights ready and she proceeded to strip down to her underwear; she says that she is only comfortable wearing underwear or less.

Tony took pictures and when he started the video, he helped Emma strip the rest of her clothing off. Oddly though, she left her socks on because she thought they looked cute. Anyways, it wasn’t too long afterwards that Tony was in between her legs, tasting that sweet, young, teen flesh. Of course, it never stops there and soon Tony was inside Emma with nothing in between them, just skin-to-skin bare-backing. When Tony was ready to cum, Emma told him to cum and he did, but he thought he meant inside her so he pumped his cum in her tight tummy only to find out seconds later that she is not on birthcontrol. Tony says they drove around that night looking for a 24-hour pharmacy that sells the morning after pill…

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