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Name: Ellie Foxx
Age: 22
From: Originally from Florida

The Story: This is a video I did with Ellie when she first moved to California (she moved out here with her mom). And this was my welcome to California video :) this was actually more of a personal video I did but it was good enough to put it on the site.

I really enjoy doing Ellie and coming inside her. And the element that this relationship unique is that I know her mom well too, so in a way is bizarre since I've never been in a mom/daughter situation. I remember the first time I came inside Desi (her mom) I couldn't stop thinking about how Ellie was at some point in her. Strange thoughts that I just couldn't help having.

But now that I've seen them several times, I am able to separate both better and I treat them both as separate individuals and put aside the mom/daughter relationship. I am not sure if I could do them together at the same time but I sure can do them individually.


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