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Name: Dylan
Age: 19
From: Bakersfield, California

The Story: Dylan is a cute blond girl I met months ago thru another friend. But when the time came to put her on the site, my friend did her for the camera. We hung out for a good while before the video and I wanted to do her myself badly but since I was in the "self discipline" plan of not fucking every woman I can fuck, I went out and went to do regular non-sex stuff. Obviously, I kept on thinking how Dylan was getting fucked back at my place.. arghh.

Anyway, my friend told me she loved to fuck and that he enjoyed her very nice pink pussy, especially when cumming inside her. He said they fucked around a good while after I was gone and that had I been around, we would have made it a threesome. But I wasn't, so what I did was get her phone number in the hopes of doing her some other time.

It's really hard not to do all the girls for a man like me, but after all the women I have been with, I have to stick to my plan if I want to have some kind of normality in my life.


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