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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Dillion
Age: 20
From: Orange County, CA

TheStory: Dillion is a 20 year-old model that caught Tony’s attention with her well defined tan lines. Tony has admitted that he has a thing for girls with tan lines because when growing up, he equated seeing pale skin beyond the tan lines as seeing something he wasn’t suppose to see. Tony was able to set up a nude photo shoot with Dillion by complementing her on her tan lines. I bet she thought Tony was strange with that but since he wanted to showcase something that she is usually not to proud of, she agreed to the shoot. Dillion explains that where she lives, she can’t tan in the nude and that there isn’t a tanning salon in her small town.

Tony had a great time shooting Dillion; she was a very girl and was all smiles during the shoot I am told. One thing that I noticed was the great set of tits she has and she says they are natural too. Too bad I wasn’t there for myself to find out. Anyways, after the shoot while Dillion was lounging in a robe, Tony got the video camera and asked her to do a small video to highlight her personality. Since it was apparent that she was comfortable being naked, Tony had her strip again to see her hot body again. She wasn’t shy about letting Tony find out if her tits were natural and to feel how freshly shaved she was.

Tony dove in to do his favorite deed; giggly in the beginning because she didn’t know how to react, Dillion was soon really enjoying Tony’s oral attentions. Afterwards, Tony pulled out his cock and Dillion was eager to take him in her mouth without any proding. At this point, she was ready to fuck and Tony was more than happy to penetrate her wet and willing pussy. Tony and Dillion fucked for about 45 minutes before Tony was ready to shoot his load; when he did, he shot it deep inside her without even bothering to ask. He asked afterwards but as we all know, sometimes that’s too late. Apparently Dillion loves natural creampie endings so she was actually glad that he didn’t pull out.

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