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Name: Destiny Garnet
Age: 18
From: Tennessee

The Story:Destiny Garnet is a tiny, 18 year old, college freshman, originally from a quiet Tennessee town and is out here attending college on a scholarship. Tony met her at a party that was hosted by his old fraternity at his alma mater. Tony tells me that he often gets invited to his old fraternity parties, as he is somewhat of legend for having sex with so many girls. At the parties word gets around about what Tony does and eventually some people will come up to him to ask him if the stories are true and this is the way Tony met Destiny. It seems Destiny is looking to lose the “good-girl” image at school so when Tony jokingly asked if she would appear on the site, she readily agreed.

Tony had to pick up Destiny from the dorms the following week after she was done with classes for that day. When they arrived at Tony’s place, not knowing whether or not she had seen the website, Tony showed her the website to show her that the stories were true and to show her where she would be appearing. She joked that being on the website would be good proof to show the other girls that she indeed had “been” with Tony. It also turns out that there was two “firsts” for Destiny with Tony; it was the first time Destiny has had sex while being a “college girl”, and it was the first time she has been creampied. Luckily for Tony, she also said that she has recently started taking the pill since she knew she would be having a lot sex while in college.

Tony tells me that Destiny and he fucked for about 2 hours before he creampied her and that about a minute afterwards, her mother called her on her cell phone( her mom is STILL checking up on her even from 2500 miles away! ). She quickly dressed and didn’t clean up so well so on the drive back to the dorms, she told Tony that she could still feel his cum oozing out of her pussy onto her panties.


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