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Name: Destiny  Age:19

The Story: Destiny is the first Indian girl I have ever done in my life. With her, I can finally say that I have fucked everybody. I always wondered if the day would come for me to hook up with an Indian girl since thy are so hard to come but I finally lucked few weeks ago when a member of the site gave me a tip on where to find Destiny. Basically, I met Destiny thru an adult modeling agency which I never use to meet my girls. But on this occasion, I did because there was no other way for me to meet her.

Destiny is on holiday in the US and she is from the UK. And while here she decided to try out being a porn star since she said she wouldn't do this back home. She is in college and back home she is daddy's little good girl. So I hope her daddy (or her boyfriend for that matter) is not a fan of my site, otherwise Destiny might end up moving to the US permanently as their culture is on the strict side when it comes to fucking around on camera.

Anyway, I got her to my place and I was feeling very excited about the whole thing. I took a lot of pictures of her first (it gets me going to see a girl posing for me) and after getting a bit more comfortable, I asked her to touch herself first and then went down on her. I then started to fuck her a little on the couch and she went on her knees to suck my cock. I think at that moment I was more thrilled with the whole Indian girl thing than the actual sex. I then bent her over and started fucking her from behind. She was very tight and I had to go slow to not hurt her.

I then took her to my bedroom where I continue fucking her and after doing her for a while, I deep in her pussy. She was leaving the next day and said probably she would not come to the US for a long time so I guess this was a one time deal but you never know.



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