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Name: Dasani  Age: 18

The Story: I first saw Dasani few months ago from a website that originated from Florida and back them I remember thinking how amazing her ass was. He ass looked so good I j/o looking at her several times and although I get to meet many models thru contacts, connections, etc. I didn't think I was going to be able to meet up with her as I didn't know where to start. But one day out of pure coincidence, I stumbled onto her profile on "my space" (that's a networking site very popular now days among the younger crowd) and I started sending her fan email. I also of course told her I had my own site and that it would be great if she was on it. So she took a look and at the beginning she was a bit reluctant because of the size of the site but after a few months of corresponding with her and talking on the phone she finally felt comfortable enough with me to do an appearance.

Dasani is a Cuban American girl born and raised in Miami and I always enjoyed getting together with Latin girls in So Florida. We met at a club by Ft Lauderdale after the convention and she also brought her girlfriend (she is bi and has a girlfriend but not boyfriend) so we got along well and her girlfriend was cool with me so I ended up having her come over to my room the day after. At my room, I took some pictures of her first and started the video. Dasani is very playful and since she knew I was crazy for her ass she started to tease me with that round ass of her. She started dancing and even gave me sort of like a teasing lap dance without letting me cock go into her pussy. After that, she got down on her knees and started to suck cock like only she can. And it was awesome to feel her mouth and tongue with my cock. I then turned her over and started to fuck her for a while.

Now this is where things got a bit more interesting. Her girlfriend decided to come over to while we were in the middle of it but she didn't want to be on video plus she pretty much like girls only so I couldn't do her. And once she got in the room, it sort of threw me and Dasani off as she was there watching. I've fucked guy's girlfriends and wives while being watched before but a girl watching for some reason is different. So I asked her gf to help me with the camera and after fucking her for a few more minutes, I ended cumming inside that hot pussy of hers and then again all over her bubbly ass. Dasani wanted me to keep on fucking her but I wanted the girlfriend to jump in too and get naked but she was so shy it didn't happen. Later that night she called me to hang out but I had already left to another city but she said she would cum to LA sometime so hopefully next time I'll have it all by myself or with both of of them at the same time.


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