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Age: 19
From: East Coast

The Story: Daphne is a hot girl my friend Tony auditioned for the site. She is a slim girl we found thru my recruiting efforts and she was eager to get started right away. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like for Hugh Hefner at Playboy when it got famous. If girls come to me eager to get creampied in camera, I can't even imagine what a centerfold position would attract. I am sure he must have had an unlimited amount of beautiful girls lined up for him. Anyway, she met Tony at a cafe and he then brought her over to my place to take pictures of her.

Daphne has really nice tits and a nice slim body and is too bad I wasn't there to see her for myself. But he did well and ended up fucking her. He told me she was very tight and that he almost lost it with her in the beginning because she was so hot and who could blame him. And as usual he made a deposit inside Daphne's hott pussy. As we enter the 9th year of this site, I often wonder just how long this will go on for. I can't imagine being 80 and still making deposits, but then again, who in the world could have guess I would be in this position.


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