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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Danica Dillan
Age: 22
From: Ohio

TheStory: Danica Dillan is your typical 22 year-old small town girl from Ohio who moved out to California to chase the Hollywood dream. Even though the odds are always against them and it’s a huge gamble, there is a never ending stream of young hot girls who come out here every year; which is a great thing for us! Tony was put in touch with Danica through a fan of his who likes to “refer” girls to appear on the site. This guy tells Tony that almost every coffee “barista” or waitress has a dream of being famous. Danica had found that getting noticed wasn’t easy because she wasn’t blonde and didn’t have big fake boobs, so when this guy offered her a chance to model for Tony, she jumped at the chance.

Danica showed up to Tony’s place one night when she wasn’t scheduled to work. Tony talked to her and was able to put her at ease to get her ready for her photo shoot. That went well and Tony was able to get her to go all the way to getting naked in front of the camera. By time he started the video interview, Danica was relaxed and actually having a good time with the whole thing especially when she put Tony on the spot when he was feeling her up and she mentioned that he hadn’t asked like he did the first time; seeing Tony snap his hand a away gave her a laugh. Once she was totally naked, Tony decided to see if he could get her to go all the way by going down on her and seeing where that would lead.

That had the desired effect, and soon Danica was ready to have Tony bareback inside her. From the video, Danica and Tony had a real good relaxing time, she was alternating between giggling and ecstasy and this went on for about an hour. Danica told Tony that he was wearing her out so he decided it was time to end the fun by spilling his seed. Danica asked Tony to cum inside her which he did; since she asked him to do that, lets hope that she was on some type of birth control.


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