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Name: Cosette Part 2
Age: 22
From: California

The Story: This was the second video I did with Cosette, which was couple of months ago around the end of summer. We had not seen each other in a while and I was going away on a trip so it was specially good seeing her that day since I wanted to do her so bad. We first met near where she lives and we did the date thing before getting a hotel room to spend the night. She was looking great that day and she was wearing this white mini skirt that really made me want to fuck her even more.

Anyway, after we went out we came back to the hotel room and this is where I did these pictures and videos. I actually did not take as many pictures this time as I was so horny I couldn't concentrate well. Once she got naked, all I wanted to do was just fuck her. And fuck her good I did, I pounded her hard the way she likes it while pulling her hair, bringing the submissive in her. At one point, I started teasing her ass with my cock and she asked me to do her anally. This was her first ever anal experience so I had to be extra gentle, but it went in fine and it went in deep inside her ass. I so enjoyed fucking her there, I almost exploded inside her ass. But, I held off and kept on doing her more and more until I buried my seed inside her hot pink pussy.

After the video, we hung out for a while and I had to go back home unfortunately. But I am hoping to hook up with her soon, as it's now been months since I've seen her and I want to keep on doing her. Next time, I'm going stay over at her place or have her come to my place to spend the weekend.


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