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Name: Charlie Monroe
Age: 22
From: San Francisco, CA

TheStory: Recently, you may have noticed that Tony has had the help of an assistant, Addy, who seems to have as much fun watching Tony deliver his seed as Tony likes doing it. Anyways, as you may have guessed, Addy is 100% bisexual, and recently one her female “playmates”, Charlie, had a birthday. Charlie had complained to Addy that she had been going through a “dry spell” in regards to sex with guys. And when Addy had told Charlie about all the threesomes that she was having with Tony, Charlie told her that she had never had a threesome. Addy decided that she would “give” Charlie her first creampie threesome for her birthday.

Addy and Tony went over to Charlie’s place so that she would feel totally comfortable so you may notice the change in background. Charlie was a little nervous at first so the girls had some drinks to help them relax while Tony got the cameras ready. Once everyone ready, Tony sat the girls down to let them introduce themselves. Addy was eager to help strip her “playmate” and get her ready for Tony.

Tony went to taste Charlie and Addy soon followed as well. Soon all three of them were having fun, and at one point Tony was going back and forth between them. I think Tony really like that because it was soon after doing it that he began giving Charlie his “birthday gift” to her. Of course since Charlie and Addy love to share, Addy helped her self to some of Tony’s cum and put some in her pussy too.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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