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Name: Charlie Ann
Age: 22
From: Southern California

TheStory: When we think of cheerleaders, we always think of just the girls themselves, but what about cheerleading coaches, can they be hot too? The answer is yes; meet Charlie Ann, a fresh college graduate who will be coaching a high school cheerleading squad when the school year starts. Charlie Ann was a cheerleader in highschool and when she went to college, she choose to major in physical education so that she could stay involved in it. She has been a member of the website since finding it while doing research for a biology term paper on the topic of semen( aka cum ). When she found that her coaching position was in southern California, she decided to take a chance and contact us since she knew we are out here.

Tony set up everything pretty quickly since Charlie Ann has been into creampies now since finding the site. She actually memorized all kinds of weird facts about sperm even. Anyways, when she showed up, Tony did the usual interview so we could learn her story and then began having her strip. Tony was eager to get started and began helping her out of her panties so that her could feel her up. He did spend a minute or so admiring her smooth pussy before diving in to taste her.

Even though Tony knew that what Charlie Ann really wanted was his cum in her belly, he decided to make sure to get maximum enjoyment out of it before filling her up. He also wanted to make sure that she came a few times as well so that she will stay in touch. He fucked her for about 2 hours before no longer being able to hold back. Tony pumped his load deep into her 22 year-old pussy; maybe too deep because not a lot spills out but you can definately see it in there!


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