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Name: Chanel
Age: 21
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory:Chanel is a beautiful mainstream model and college student who recently decided to be adventurous and try nude modeling. She realized she really enjoyed the idea of guys admiring her beauty and sent me an email about taking it a notch higher. So I ended up meeting her at her school and she felt comfortable enough to be on the site. It's usually odd when meeting a girl for the first time who wants to be on a sex video since they are so nervous but I guess after doing it so many times, I've become an expert in making first timers comfortable after all these years.

Anyway, I had her come to a hotel I booked nearby and I took some pictures of her. I could see her pussy was getting wet when I had her take off her clothes, so without wasting much time I turned on the video camera and we started going at it. I fucked her for a while but not as much as I wanted to as I had to be somewhere else. But I still gave her a good fuck and inseminated her with a full load of cum :)


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