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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Candy
Age: 19
From: East Coast

TheStory: I have always been amazed at the variety of girls that are here in Los Angeles. I have had the luck to have travel the world and sample girls from all over and now Tony has been able to do something similar without even leaving the city. Last weekend, he was able to get a young, 18 year-old girl to his studio for a photo shoot who happens to have been born in Tunisia. We will call her “Candy” because she didn’t want to use her real name. Anyways, she told Tony that she grew up and was raised in Oklahoma and so she is thoroughly Americanized. Having just finished highschool this past summer, she decided to give nude modeling a try.

Tony was able to convince Candy that it would just be a nude modeling gig but once he had her naked, he started touching her in a way that he knew she would get turned on. He soon went down on her, and as I have said all along, once you give a girl great oral sex, she will go all the way regardless of what she had thought she would do. This is what happened and soon Candy was taking Tony into her mouth to return the pleasure. When Tony offered to take her all the way, Candy was more than willing.

Candy must have been really into the sexual encounter because as you can see in the video, she was extremely wet. I don’t know how long it had been since she had sex but it seemed like she hadn’t had good sex in a long time. Tony made sure to change that. Tony says that the he feels like the luckiest man in the world because not only does he get to fuck lots of girl from all over the US and the world, but he gets to creampie them all as well.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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