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Name: Cameron Dee
Age: 20
From: Los Angeles, CA
TheStory: Cameron is a beautiful girl a friend of ours introduced us to recently. She had done couple of videos before and she just loves being on camera. She enjoys people watching her and she really loves sex. It was almost too perfect when I heard about her so I ended up meeting her personally. And not only is she hot but she is super friendly and down to earth, so I just had to cum in her myself :-)

So I took her to my place and did this video with her. I took some pics of her first and she was just awesome to look at, she has perfect everything.. specially her ass! and after the pics, we just started fucking. The one thing is that I was getting over a cold and I wasn't 100% well but once I got into it, everything was great. Cameron has a very nice tight pussy that just wants to make you cum inside her right away. In fact, if she loves sex that much and she lets guys cum in her often, she will be preggers sooner than later.. guaranteed.

Anyway, I did her for a while but not as long as I would have liked to. So I am hoping to meet up with her soon so I can do her again.. I could fuck this girl every day!




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