On This Edition of Asian-man

Name: Cameron
Age: 18
From: Denver, Colorado
TheStory: Tony has a friend that owns one of the tattoo shops down on Venice Beach and he knows about Tony’s hobby. Tony tells me that in exchange for word of mouth to the college students about a great tattoo shop, he is the “official” photographer for the tattoo shop; he says that he doesn’t bother though unless it’s a good client or a hot girl. Mainly they are good clients and so Tony plays along; but sometimes, rarely, he gets lucky, like he did with Cameron. Cameron is a girl originally from Colorado who moved to LA as soon as she turned 18 and has been here ever since. Tony met her when she came into the shop again, wanting to get “sleeves”, and asked the owner if he would put pictures of her in the shop. Tony sensing that she is an exhibitionist and probably sexually open, stepped up and introduced himself and what he did for the shop and offered to take a series a photos to show “the transformation”. He had her come over to his place since he told her she would have to go topless to get the best pictures.

Once there, Tony took some photos and was able to get Cameron to not only go topless but go completely nude since she had a garter belt tattoo high on her thigh and he told her it would be nice to show as well. One thing I noticed is that she is petite; I think I heard her say on the video that she is only 4’11” so I think that’s officially a spinner. After the photos were done, but before she got dressed, Tony got the video camera going and started asking her some questions. Soon he was feeling her up, playing with her slit and then tonguing her tiny pussy.

Tony then took her into his bedroom and slid his bare cock into her wet tight pussy and pumped her for a good hour. She never asked about him wearing a condom so I think she likes the danger of going bareback or maybe she knows Tony more than what I think. Anyways, when Tony couldn’t hold back any longer, he flipped this spinner onto her back and went full speed until he shot his load inside her. Tony thinks he is not the first guy from the shop to fuck this girl, but he knows for sure that he is the first one to creampie her because all the others guys are afraid to get a girl knocked up.




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