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Name: Cali Rider
Age: 18
From: Scottsdale, Arizona

The Story:Cali is an 18-year-old from Arizona who had contacted us wanting to do modeling as many other girls have before, however, this was to turn out completely different from any other shoot. From the beginning, she asked questions that other girls had not asked before, like had Tony knocked up any other girls and she ask if Tony had had a vasectomy. I thought this was quite odd since one, she said she only wanted to do solo modeling and two, she said she was on birth control even though I didn’t ask her if she was. I didn’t think much of these questions, I just thought she was odd and so I didn’t mention it to Tony.

Tony said that the photo shoot started out normal enough but that soon Cali was tugging at his shorts and asking to suck him before she was even naked. Usually it takes time or giving the girls some oral sex before they are willing to go all the way but this wasn’t the case this time. Tony said that she didn’t seem to care about the photo shoot and was more interested in just having sex. Tony gave up trying to take any more pictures of her stripping and just picked up the video camera and started recording. He tried to interview her the way we normally do but she wouldn’t stopping sucking his dick and instead would give short quick answers before sucking his dick again.


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