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Name: Brynna
Age: 20
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

TheStory: Bynna is a 20-year-old from Las Vegas who was recently approached about doing modeling. Seeing that it was a unique opportunity, Brynna took a chance and agreed to give it a try. When I offered her a chance to appear on the site, she asked to see it first so I sent her a link and she responded that she had always wondered how she could get into that. I contacted Tony and asked what night he was free so that I could send her to go see him.

Brynna showed up to Tony’s place wearing cut off jean shorts and a top with no bra; she said that she like showing off her nipple piercings as much as possible. Tony quickly got started on the photo shoot and knew that he would be having a good time when he saw her tight naked body. Curious enough, Brynna was a little nervous since this was her first time getting completely naked for a photo shoot, but she didn’t hesitate.

Since she didn’t hesitate, Tony took a chance told Brynna to get on her knees while he pulled out is cock and put it in her mouth. Again Byrnna didn’t hesitate; its as if she knew this is the way things were going to go. Soon Tony was hard and ready to penetrate her, so he went ahead and buried his bare cock into her tight pussy without bothering to stop for a condom. Tony fucked Brynna until he pumped his cum deep into her waiting pussy. I wonder if she is on birth-control; I guess Tony will find out in a month.


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