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Name: Brooklyn Jade
Age: 24
From: Madison, Wisconsin

TheStory: Brooklyn Jade is a recent transplant who moved from Wisconsin to Hollywood to pursue her dream of making it big just as countless of other girls do every year. It is amazing how many girls come out here looking to be the next big actress and the truth is, almost all of them wont get it. Tony tells me that we are lucky though, to live here because there is an endless supply of new girls coming here every year. Anyways, Brooklyn doesn’t have money to spend on professional “head shots” just yet, so she answered an ad on the CL that we had posted, offering our “photographic services”. She called Tony and told him that she just wanted some head shots and glamour shots and Tony suggested he could to a video interview as well; she agreed and they set up a date.

When the day arrived, Tony began with the photo shoot portion and mentioned to Brooklyn that one way to make it big would be to get an appearance like on a reality show, even if it was just one appearance, and then to “leak” a sex tape. She thought it was a good idea as that seems to be all the rage with people chasing fame. Of course, Tony offered to do it and told Brooklyn that, if and when the sex tape is “leaked”, they would both agree that they had been in a “relationship” when the tape was made. Finishing up the pictures, Tony started with the video.

After getting the short video interview done and once Brooklyn was naked, Tony started the “sex tape” portion. He knew he had to break the ice and get Brooklyn comfortable so he began giving her oral sex, and as we all know, that does the trick. Soon Brooklyn was getting fucked by Tony but after a short while she was getting tired as she is not used to having sex for more than 10 minutes. Tony told me he didn’t want her to get too tired and leave him frustrated so he told me he pumped his seed into her after only 30 minutes.


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