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Name: Brooke Whispers
Age: 22
From: Chicago, IL.

TheStory: Brooke is a Chicago native who has decided to trade in the cold Chicago winter for the warm California lifestyle with the additional aspirations of getting a modeling career off the ground. When she contacted me, she told me that she had already done one full nudity shoot and that she was interested in doing more. I referred her to Tony and let her know that sometimes he has a female assistant so that she would have to be comfortable posing naked in front of other females. She said that she would have no problem with that and that it actually made her feel safer.

On the day of the shoot, during the photo shoot, while making small talk, Tony found out that Brooke was a gymnast and a cheerleader when she was in high school. I wonder if Tony got an extra thrill knowing what she did in high school. Anyways, after finishing the photo set, Tony got the video camera rolling and at this point Brooke became really nervous. She had actually been somewhat of an exhibitionist in front of the photo camera, but the video was a different story.

At this point I think Tony figured he didn’t have much to lose, so he helped himself and jumped between her legs; he was soon followed by his assistant who probably thought the same thing. I guess maybe Brooke is bisexual because after that, she loosened up a bit and all three of them went at it. Some time later, Tony’s assistant asked Brooke if she would let Tony creampie her since he was already bareback and she said sure. Tony soon pumped his cum deep into Brooke while his assistant cheered him on.

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