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Name: Brittney Banxxx
Age: 20
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: This past weekend Tony went into Hollywood to hit the clubs and see if he could get lucky. Usually Tony has to talk to the girl a couple of hours before he gets some action but this time he didn't even have to go in. He noticed a hot girl in a red dress trying to sweet talk her way into the 21 and over club and the doorman wasn't having it. It turns out, Brittney is only 20 and not old enough to get in and all her friends had already gone in.

Tony saw an opportunity and offered Brittney to go sit and wait in his car. After talking a while about the unfair situation she was in, he asked her if she would be up to doing a photo shoot since she was all done up and it would be better than spending the whole night waiting in a parking lot. Brittney agreed since she didnt want to feel like a total loser doing nothing on a saturday night.

Tony started the photo shoot and running the video rather quickly and didnt even wait for her to strip out of her dress before diving right in; they didnt even wait to get completely naked before fucking. Im not sure how Tony found the energy to fuck at 3am but he did. He and Brittney went at it for an hour before he pumped her full of his cum and I don't think he asked her if she was on birth-control. One day soon Tony might be a daddy.

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