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Name: Breonna
Age: 21
From: Las Vegas, NV

TheStory:Breonna comes to us via Las Vegas where she was an aspiring showgirl dancer until she hurt her ankle. Even though she is only 21, she had already landed her self a spot on a line, albeit as a minor dancer. She had hoped to work her way up to a principle dancer eventually but for now she is talking a break to try modeling until her ankle is better. Having had to go through the dancer workout, Breonna sports an athletic and hot body; all firm and on the taller side. Anyways, we were more than happy to get a chance to have her get her feet wet on the modeling side of things by appearing on our website.

I set things up with Breonna and told Tony when to expect her at his place. Tony tells me that he was actually surprised when she showed up because it was one of the hottest girls he has seen in a long while. In fact, he started to walk right past her until she asked if he was Tony. He took her up to his place and got her comfortable with some small talk and this is when he found out about her dancer career. Once Tony was all set up, he began by taking some glamour pics of Breonna before moving on to the video.

Breonna was a natural in front of the camera; I guess she is used to performing in front of a crowd and being in front of a camera isn’t much of a difference. Tony had Breonna strip on video and then sat her down so that he could taste her. After Breonna got Tony hard and lubed up with her mouth, she took him inside her. Breonna favorite position is “cowgirl” so its no surprise that she orgasmed while riding him. Since Tony was thoroughly into this hot girl, he did his best to make it last as long as possible before cumming inside her. Tony doesn’t have to worry about Breonna getting pregnant as she claims she is on birth-control.

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