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Name: Brandy
Age: 21
From: Oregon

The Story: Brandy is a girl from the Pacific Northwest who came to visit her friend friends and relatives in California recently. I had been in touch with her and I really wanted to do her, so when she came by, I took her out and eventually ended doing her. I normally would have had my friend do the video but since we were in touch for a while and what not, she wanted to fuck her. As you can imagine, it didn't take much to convince me.

The first day she had free when she was visiting, I took her out to the local farmers market (which is excellent) to eat and hang out. And after spending a few hours there and then at a coffee shop we went back to the parking structure where my car was and we started to fuck around there. We had people park around us and perhaps they even saw we were in the backseat of the car but we didn't care. We were doing oral on each other in the car and I fucked her for a few minutes in the backseat of my smaller car.

Later we went back to my place and we started the pictures and the videos of us. She wanted to do it on camera but there was still some lingering doubts on her part but we did it anyway. I told her the good thing about this whole thing is that a woman can say she did it a long time ago when she was discovering herself or something along those lines, so people can't give them too much of a hassle if they ever found out.

Anyway, we fucked on video for a bit less than an hour and I unloaded the cumshot I had been holding since fucking her in the parking lot. And after the video, I came couple of more times too. Too bad she had to leave the next day to spend time with friends but I sure will un-retire again next time I see her to fuck her on camera or off camera.


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