On This Edition of Asian-man

Name: Brandi
Age: 21
From: California
TheStory: Brandi is a sexy native California girl whom I met through another girl I did on the site a while back ago. They met on social media after Brandi contacted her about some of the pictures that I had taken, so one thing led to another and I ended up talking to Brandi on the phone about getting together. She lives about an hour away so it wasn't that easy to just meet her but she made time and eventually she came down to visit.

She was already horny by the time she got to my place so after a few minutes of small talking, we basically just started fucking. She has a sexy body and a very nice pussy. But above all, she just loves to fuck.. as you will clearly see on the video. And I couldn't help myself but to fuck her for a very long time as she just craved more and more even after the video was over. So I'm hoping she'll come back again to visit so I can do her some more!

Now the thing about this set is that my camera stopped working. So the pictures are incomplete, however the video camera worked fine and I am glad because this was an intense video.. just seeing it makes me want to fuck and cum inside her again and again.




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