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Name: Blaire Banks
Age: 20
From: Iowa

TheStory:Blaire is a 19 year-old who left a very small town in Iowa to come out to California to seek some excitement. She has a job at a retail book story and tyring to get her foot into some type of modeling, even it if is just for minor stuff. Tony found her on a modeling profile site and offered to help her put a portfolio together if she would be willing to do a partially nude shoot. He told her that her lack of piercing and tattoos was a feature that put her above a lot of other girls trying to get into modeling; Tony said she had the perfect “girl next door” look. But Bliare has been approached before for this type of thing and she said she would only do it if there was another female at the photo-shoot. Good thing Tony has found himself a female assistant who thinks just like him.

Tony and his assistant welcomed Blaire into his place and had everything already set up in a very professional manner to help put Blaire at ease. The photo shoot portion went smoothly, as Tony and his assistant, kept it very business like and only became more social only after that was done. Tony offered to do a short video that she could also add to her portfolio if she felt comfortable enough and with his assistant still there, she agreed to it. Right at the moment that Blaire was only wearing and showing off her panties, Tony’s assistant offered to help take them off. Blaire was a little surprise by this but didn’t seem to mind much since it was another girls sliding off her panties.

Blaire has never been with a girl before so she was a bit overwhelmed when Tony’s assistant began to seduce her and taste her. Soon Tony joined in and eventually he had his bareback cock sliding in and out of her innocent pussy. Tony’s assistant didn’t want to scare Blaire away so she only gave her oral sex before helping Tony with the cameras. Eventually Blaire sensed that Tony was ready to cum and she asked him to cum the natural way; by pumping his seed deep inside her.


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