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Name: Bella Luciano
Age: 21
From: New York
TheStory: Bella is one of those girls that I just had to fuck and creampie.. I think I've said it before but sometimes it is painful for me to watch some of the girls Tony fucks and creampies since he basically took over my "job". But from time to time, I just can't help myself and track down some of the girls to give them some cum too.

This was the case with Bella. I thought she was really sexy and maybe it's a personal thing but I actually like her teeth. I just kept thinking about how sensual she was and how she would look nibbling on the head of my cock.. so I ended up calling her up and told her we had to do another video when she came back to California. So after going back home for couple of months, she came back to California and we got together to do these pictures and videos.

I enjoyed how Bella sucked on my cock and just how sensual she was, just like I had fantasized. I fucked her that afternoon for couple of hours and I hope I'll get a chance to do her again next time I see her.. she one of those girls I could creampie over and over :)




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