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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Bella Luciano
Age: 20
From: Queens, New York

TheStory: Bella, a 20 year old, from New York, recently arrived in Los Angeles about a month ago seeking to start a new life. Tony never found out exactly what brought her out here but he was happy to have this 100% Italian beauty in front of his camera. Tony tells me that this is the first time that he can remember that he had the pleasure of being with a girl that is 100% Italian. I told him that he probably has been with one before and that he doesn’t remember because he forgets which girls he has been with very easily.

Tony had Bella put on some short-shorts that she had for the photo shoot so that he could highlight her nice ass. I haven’t known Tony to be an assman but recently a lot of the girls he has photographed have had nice full asses so maybe his likes are evolving. Anyways, Bella did fill out those shorts rather well; I can image the kind of attention she gets when she wears those short out in public. Besides a very nice ass, Tony noticed that Bella had an innocent looking face however once she took off her top, he saw that both her nipples are pierced and I’m sure that he thought, as I would have, that she is not that innocent after all.

This thought turned out to be correct and things happened very quickly; Tony and Bella just got lost in lust. Tony and Bella enjoyed fucking each other and eventually came together without any forethought. Tony did ask her though, if she liked getting creampied before he came and she said yes, so it wasn’t all a surprise but just because a girl likes getting creampied doesn’t mean its safe to do so, as I pointed out to Tony. Since Bella now lives in Los Angeles, I’m sure if she gets knocked up, Tony will be hearing from her.

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