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Name: Bailey
Age: 22
From: Orange County, CA

TheStory: Bailey had contacted me about 2 years ago and I guess her email got buried in my inbox and I never replied. She must have thought that I wasn’t interested in having her on the site and never followed up. Fast forward to today; and while searching for an old email from another girl named Bailey, I saw that I had never replied to this Bailey. I decided to see if she was still interested even though it had been 2 years. She said that she was and that she had already been modeling for the last 18 months so she had some experience now. I told her that I would have Tony contact her to set something up.

Tony found out some details about Bailey when she showed up; she is 22 years old, almost 23 and lives in San Diego. Since she has been modeling for some time now, she is totally comfortable being nude if
front of people; when they were done with the photo shoot, Bailey hung
out with her robe open and never made any attempt to tie it. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Tony had his assistant there as well so she must have felt comfortable that another girl was there as well.

Since Bailey was totally comfortable, Tony brought out the video camera and decided to ask her a few questions while she was still partially naked. After some questions, Tony asked if she liked receiving oral sex and she replied yes; Tony offered and she accepted. Once Tony felt that she was in the mood, Tony took a chance and pulled out his cock and Bailey slid to her knees and took him in her mouth. Not wanting to waste his load in her mouth, Tony bent her over the bed and penetrated her bareback. Tony fucked Bailey in several positions before pumping his load into her. Only after he had done this, did he ask about pulling out. Bailey usually only lets guys that she is dating cum inside her so Tony made an effort to seemapologetic even though I am sure that he wasn’t!

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