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Name: Avril Hall
Age: 20
From: North Miami Beach, Florida

TheStory: Avril Hall is a 20 year old hot blonde from Florida who is an aspiring modeling; she is a natural and knows how to pose for the camera during a photo shoot from what Tony tells me. Tony scheduled Avril for a shoot on a day that his assistant would be available because she had expressed an interest in gaining some more experience so she could run her own photo shoots with girls she finds. When Avril learned that her first photo session would be with Tony’s assistant, she grew quite excited.

Later when Tony was doing the video interview, Avril admitted that she enjoyed herself more during the first photo shoot with Tony’s assistant, than with the second one that Tony did. Then she invited Tony’s assistant to come play with her and when she saw Tony’s look of disappointment, she felt bad and invited him to join him too. Tony and his assistant wasted no time in enjoying Avril hot body. They both tasted her before Tony slipped his bare cock into her.

Things got pretty hot as Tony fucked both Avril and his assistant and they took turns ride him on both his cock and tongue. The threesome they had lasted about an hour or so and towards the end, Tony’s pounding was starting to make Avril’s pussy very sore. I think Avril usually has sex with other girls most of the time so she is not used to being fucked for so long. Anyways, Tony didn’t want to damage Avril too much so he started working towards shoot his load and his assistant noticed and asked Avril if Tony could cum inside her. Tony pumped his seed into Avril soon afterward. Later I asked Tony if he wondered if Avril was on birth-control since she seems to be more into women and he said that was a good point and that he didn’t know.

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